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We are trying to work with a new DID provider and I find myself confused. Their standard integration is to send the call with no authentication. I am expected to whitelist all their possible gateways, and accept their calls I guess with no peer definition. I actually have it working this way; the calls land in our “public” context, I guess as
“guest”, and I am able to route them from there. But that makes me nervous.

I would rather at least have them be associated with a defined peer, so I can set the right context and any other parameters I might want associated. It is inbound only, no outbound. I might try to set a host= in a peer definition with no secret, and see if that matches it, but I would rather avoid making a peer definition for every gateway they have. Can anyone think of a way to define a single peer that might show from multiple potential addresses without authentication info?


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    That’s right – you just need to define a peer with a static IP address and “type=peer” to assign incoming calls to a peer name and apply the corresponding configuration (e.g. codecs). To make your configuration less redundant you can use templates in your peer definition
    (at least for chan_sip, I’m not sure if the same syntax applies on chan_pjsip).