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our customer reports problem when 2 agents answer the call in the same time

faster operator (device) answer the call, but the second is showed up
(on device) and call is without sound

asterisk 13.9/app_queue with strategy ringall/operators via Local channel with sip device (chan_sip)

do you have any tips/info before i will dig deep into logs/debug?

checked google& without any clue


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  • Your second call is not without sound, there is simply no call at all. As the first answer the call his channel and the external call channel connected. The second device simply off hook but his channel have no external channel to connect.

    It’s looks like a simple telephony glare.


    בתאריך 30 בנוב’ 2016 7:00 PM,‏ “marek cervenka” כתב:

  • hmm. i think customer will not agree this is correct behavior

    from pcap it looks like there is missing CANCEL to the second device

    Dne 30/11/2016 v 19:42 Sam Basan napsal(a):

  • upgrade to ast 13.13.0 doesnt help

    switch from local channel to SIP help

    ;member => Local/2000@route_phones_1,1,2000,hint:2000@subscribe_1
    member => SIP/vr1a2000

    load average is around 2 (4 core, vmware with 1Ghz per core), generated by 2x yes > /dev/null &

    [route_phones_1] is around 10 dialplan commands (execif,set) + 1x fastAGI

    do you think it’s bug or timing “limit” of Asterisk?

    Dne 30/11/2016 v 22:17 marek cervenka napsal(a):