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When using realtime MOH and an external script such as madplay if in MusicOnhold we have set cachertclasses=yes, after an Asterisk restart the first time a call comes in madplay is started. If ten people are using the same moh class there is only one instance of madplay. The issue is that if no one is using the MOH class once there is an instance of madplay it’s up forever (till Asterisk is restarted). On the other hand if cachertclasses is set to no then it will start up madplay when the MOH class is used and it will stop when the call is done. The issue with this is if there are 10
people using this MOH class then there are ten instances of madplay being used. Is there any way of having a happy mix of both? If the calls is not in use then launch an instance (as it is with cachertclasses=yes) however when the MOH is over if there is no one in the class to stop the instance of madplay running (as it is if we have cachertclasses=no).