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Hey all

I am trying to configure all my pjsip transports form a database table. The issue I am running into is that pjsip is auto binding to
before it reads my list of transports from the database. This means that my entries for port 5060 are already bound and the settings in the database are not loaded.

When loading the transport form the .conf file it works as expected and does not do an auto binding, but uses what is in the .conf

Is there a way to have asterisk pjsip hold the default binding override until after it has checked the database when sourcery .conf configures a transport location other then pjsip.conf?



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  • PJSIP has no auto binding or default binding. It will only bind to what is configured. Do you have it in both .conf and in realtime? Do you also have chan_sip loaded?

    that database a


    You were correct. There was an old chan_sip.so in the bin folder that was being auto loaded. It was binding to causing the transports from the database for pjsip to fail. I forced down asterisk and deleted the chan_sip.so from the bin folder and the issue resolved. Looks like I need to go through and clean up old garbage from an earlier build so I don’t get caught in the future. I also added a noload for chan_sip.so just incase one ever gets dropped back in the folder.

    Much thanks for the direction here I spent a lot of time trying to figure out where the binding was coming from.