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I am trying to configure new opus codec in asterisk 14, but unable to find any examples of codecs.conf settings for this codec.

All I am trying to do – setup peer with using opus in narrow band mode
(8kHz sampling rate). Does anybody know how to configure chan_opus?

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  • If you run “config show help condec_opus opus” from teh Asterisk command line, you’ll get a list of the configuration options….

    pbx1*CLI> config show help codec_opus opus opus: [category !~ /.?/]

    Codec opus module for Asterisk options

    type — Must be of type ‘opus’
    sample_rate — Codec’s sample rate. packet_loss — Encoder’s packet loss percentage.

    complexity — Encoder’s computational complexity.

    max_bandwidth — Encoder’s maximum bandwidth allowed.

    signal — Encoder’s signal type. application — Encoder’s application type. max_playback_rate — Encoder’s maximum playback rate.

    max_ptime — Encoder’s maximum packetization rate.

    ptime — Encoder’s packetization rate. bitrate — Encoder’s bit rate. cbr — Encoder’s constant bit rate value. fec — Encoder’s forward error correction value. dtx — Encoder’s discontinuous transmission value.

  • jrun wrote:

    The version of 13 with the changes required to support it is currently in release candidate status. I expect it to reach release status soon.

  • Hello,

    George, thank you for pointing this, but there is other question. It is not clear for some parameters names, what is possible values?

    For example this parameters:
    packet_loss max_bandwidth signal application

    Is there example of configured opus with full set of parameters?

    2016-10-25 18:42 GMT+06:00 George Joseph :

  • I’ve opened an internal issue to update the sample codecs.conf file. In the mean time, you can simply add the parameter name to the end of the
    ‘config show help’ command as follows:

    *CLI> config show help codec_opus opus max_bandwidth
    max_bandwidth = [] (Default: full) (Regex: False)

    Encoder’s maximum bandwidth allowed.

    Sets an upper bandwidth bound on the encoder. Can be any of the following: