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Hi all,

I have tried to install Wanpipe 7.0.20 in a fresh-installed Debian 8.5
(Jessie) server, but when I reach to the point where I have to enter the Linux Headers directory *(installed in default with “apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)”)*, I get an error, the package refuses to compile and installation aborts.

If I try the same process with Debian 7 (Wheezy), installation works just fine.

Has anybody gone trough this scenario? Has anybody managed to have Snagoma B600DE working on Debian 8.5?



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  • Hello Guillermo,

    Wanpipe installs fill me with dread! Sangoma say that they only support CentOS 6.x installs, and after many struggles to get Wanpipe to work on Fedora versions, that is what I run it on (CentOS 6.7). Even then, install issues are not uncommon, and it seems to be particularly sensitive to kernel issues – I avoid kernel updates on my Asterisk box!

    I am currently running with kernel 2.6.32. Sangoma says that Wanpipe will work on 4.3 kernels, but if your kernel is newer than 4.3
    (November 2015) then that might be your problem.
    “setup_drv_compile.log” is the place to look for clues. You should find it in the directory where your Wanpipe source files are.

    Best regards, Julian mailto:jb_soft@trink.co.uk

  • Thank you very much for your feedback Julian. I agree with you, Wanpipe is a pain to install. For the moment I will stick to Debian Wheezy (kernel
    3.2), but it bothers me not to be able to go for a complete distro update. Let´s see if somebody else had luck with this process.

    Best regards, Guillermo