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Is there anyone here who has experience connecting Asterisk (ver 13.8) with PBX Panasonic KX-TDA600 ?

The architecture more less like this :

Telco Sip Trunk —> Asterisk 13 —> Panasonic KX-TDA600 —> Phone / Fax

Thanks in advance,


Ikka – Jakarta, Indonesia

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  • Hi,

    What connectivity do you currently use for the KX-TDA600? E1, T1, POTS, BRI?

    Others have suggested a SIP to E1/T1 gateway, which would let you skip the asterisk box, if you don’t have other uses for it.

    Another option is to use a PCI-E E1/T1 interface card in the asterisk box, especially if you already have an E1 or T1 interface in the KX-TDA600. I personally don’t like buying smaller then a dual T1/E1
    card, as the price difference between a dual and a single is so small.
    If the KX-TDA600 is set-up for Analog/POTS, you can use a channel bank on the second T1/E1 port, and feed POTS into the KX-TDA600.

    For a small installation that wanted to keep their Nortel Key System, and their Telco really wanted to provide a PRI instead of POTS (the Nortel could only take pots), we used a dual T1 PCI card in an asterisk box, ran PRI on the Telco interface, an ADIT 600 channel bank on the second interface, and handed 4 POTS lines to the Nortel Key System.

    The key is to give your self the most flexibility to change later, and preserve your existing investment.


  • Dear Harry,

    Thx for the explanation.

    My team manage building’s PBX that use Asterisk 13.x. We use Asterisk PBX for this buildings that have apartment and office customer. From my Asterisk PBX, we connect to IPPhone (yealink) or ATA Converter
    (cisco SPA112). Others are using PBX like panasonic analog, audiocodes SBC, etc, and we use ATA Converter to convert from SIP to Analog (CO Line)

    Now, we have a new customer (tenant) that have Panasonic TDA600. If we use FXS or ATA Converter, its going to have a lot of that, because this tenant going to use about 60 ext / sip line. Replacing asterisk PBX on my (company) side or replace TDA600 on my customer side is not acceptable. So we need to find a “win-win” solution for this.

    Thx in advance,


  • Hi,

    You need to find out more about the configuration of this specific TDA600, as it could be either POTS or E1, once you know that, you can determine what options are best.


  • Use a sip to PRI gateway or a PRI card in the asterisk system. Connect that to the Panasonic TDA600 using a PRI card on the panasonic side (KX-TDA0290). this will be the most worry free solution.