How To Disable Subsequent Transfers?

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Consider the following scenario. A customer’s incoming call enters the system, and after some processing, the call is placed on a queue, where it will be picked up by an agent. Then, the agent makes an attended transfer (using asterisk internal transfer) of this costumer to some other party. When the transfer is made, none of the endpoints should be able to make subsequent transfers.

On the Queue statement where the incoming call is placed, the ‘t’ flag is used to enable the agent to make the transfer. On the Dial statement used in the attended transfer, neither the ‘t’ nor the ‘T’ flags are used.

But, after the transfer is completed, the party that the customer was transfered to is still able to tranfer. I’ll show some logs from my testing environment:

asterisk1*CLI> features show Builtin Feature Default Current
————— ——- —–