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I’m using Asterisk 13.10.0 (built from source) in Debian Jessie.

If I set:


call seems to hang up in Chrome 53.0.2785.80 64-bit beta when rekeying should happen.

Log entries in messages.log are like this:

[Aug 27 21:54:12] ERROR[20210][C-00000028] res_rtp_asterisk.c: DTLS
failure occurred on RTP instance ‘0x7fd5880172b8’ due to reason ‘sslv3
alert unexpected message’, terminating
[Aug 27 21:54:12] WARNING[20210][C-00000028] res_rtp_asterisk.c: RTP
Read error: Unspecified. Hanging up.

It may be worth of mentioning that I have:


If I do not set dtls_rekey which afaik means no rekeying, the problem does not occur.

I have also tested with Firefox 50 A2 32-bit, and setting dtls_rekey`
is not a problem with it.

Both browsers were Windows versions.

Has somebody encountered this problem?