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I’m having an issue with some Snom 300s on a server running Asterisk version 13.9.1, Dahdi 2.11.1 w/OSLEC and pjsip 2.5.1. There is _*NO
NAT*_ involved. Phones and server are plugged into the same network switch, all on the same IP range. The server is running a Wildcard AEX410 analog card with 2 FXO modules receiving incoming analog lines.

Occasionally, in the middle of a call, the audio will drop out for between 15 and 20 seconds before suddenly coming back. I’ve tried running u-Law as the codec and licensed g.729 version 13.0_3.1.7 with exactly the same results. I have tried turning on every logging option I can think of to troubleshoot this but have not been able to find a solution. I’m troubleshooting by remote, so haven’t been able to run a wireshark capture yet.

pings to the phones from the Asterisk server show no packet loss during the cut-outs.

Any ideas?

*Brent Davidson*

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