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I am dealing with a telco that has recently upgraded from a DMS100
switch to a “Metaswitch”, and our PRI no longer passes foreign caller ID
information, i.e. if I place an outbound call with specific caller ID
information not associated with the PRI, it gets replaced with the PRI’s primary phone number.

This is a bit of a problem for follow-me services, which end up showing the PRI’s primary phone number instead of the original caller’s phone number.

I know this isn’t a “metaswitch” forum, but can anyone point me in a direction of some metaswitch documentation or know what the option is in a metaswitch to allow foreign caller ID information? The telco engineers are still struggling with this new switch, and I am not sure they understand or appreciate my urgency in getting this resolved!


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  • This did get resolved on the carrier side – thank to all who pointed me towards documentation and suggestions. The Metaswitch has an option
    “Caller Number Connected Line ID Screening” which was set to “owned”.
    Changing this to “valid format” allowed my asterisk instances to send foreign caller ID information and it was accepted.



  • At 08:05 AM 8/5/2016, you wrote:

    I found this which may be helpful:
    This is controlled on the PBX object under the “CAlling Number / Connect Line ID Screening” option. By default this is set to “Owned DN” which allow’s only DID’s, DISA’s, and the PBX Object DN. For customers that are forwarding calls through their PBX and request to pass the original calling number we typically change the option to “Valid Format”. John