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Is there any way to identify an incoming session based on the Diversion header?

In my scenario, I have some unregistered endpoints (mobile phones) that make calls through our Asterisk, which controls the external call rights based on the endpoint’s context. In a normal call, their number will be in the From header and the destination in the To an RURI, but when they make a call forwarding I will receive as calling id a number that it is not known to our system (virtually any number in the world) and my endpoint’s number will come in the Diversion header. Asterisk rejects the calls as unauthorized.

Basically I want to allow my users to forward any call from anywhere to anywhere, but I’ll charge them and I need to identify them.

Any ideas? I’m running Asterisk 13.10 with PJSIP.

Thanks in advance, Francisco.

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  • Francisco Valentin Vinagrero wrote:

    There’s no current module to do this and I know of noone actively working on such a thing but the identification system is pluggable, so one could be plugged in.