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Hi Guys

I am asking too many questions because we would like to use Asterisk first as a proof of Concept and check from there were it goes.

– Does the Voicemail have the option of SMS notification on new drop messages (we have an SMSC so we will use that one).
– What is the best Linux OS to install Asterisk in?
– What throughput does it stand 1 machine with about 8GB Ram and 4 CPUs? We plan to add couple but just checking for a single one.
– Does it hava a max capacity?

Thanks for your time.


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  • How many users are you thinking of supporting? For a large-scale setup you might want to take a look at Kamailio as a front-end – if you even think you’re going to get a high user volume you may want to start out with a Kamailio front-end so that you don’t have to start over from scratch when it outgrows an Asterisk only setup.

    I prefer Debian/Ubuntu over RedHat/CentOS – but if you’re thinking of using this in a company environment, I’d recommend engaging with your IT people to find out what THEIR preference is.

    Planning capacity with the information you’ve provided is difficult – is the network card 10Base-T, Gigabit, 100-gigabit? Do you only have 56kbps dial-up service to the server, or a full 10Gbps internet connection at a carrier-neutral colocation datacenter on a fiber backbone? Are the CPU
    cores 15-year-old Pentium or a current Broadwell-E? Are the CPU cores real or on a massively over-provisioned VM host? Do you have to do a bunch of transcoding inbound and outbound? Is the machine doing anything other than voicemail? In general, the maximum capacity is the point just before when the quality begins to drop (about 90-95% total system load). Not very scientific I know, but the answer is extremely hardware/infrastructure/setup dependent.

    I haven’t personally played with any of Asterisk’s internal SMS
    functionality, but I have been meaning to. Since the earlier days I’ve relied on the email functions to handle interfacing notifications. Asterisk can send emails as a notification, so I configured the default email to a notification handler, which would do a speech recognition on the voicemail file, send an SMS using an SMSC (Nexmo in my case), and then send an email to the user with a text transcript of the voicemail as well as the audio file as an attachment. I’m sure there’s a better way now, I coded this up a while ago. My way is probably not the “right way”, but like many things with computers there is the way that works today, the way that works better tomorrow, and eventually the best practice way that emerges after a few years. Gotta keep maintaining your work.


  • Asterisk Voicemail can certainly send an e-mail when a message is left. By cunning use of a procmail recipe, this can be used to send an SMS or do anything else.

    The one with which you are most familiar.

    I’ve seen boxes with 2 cores, 4 GB RAM, 8 outside lines, all calls recorded using MixMonitor and no swapping; 4 cores, 8 GB RAM, 20 outside lines on an ISDN30 and more via SIP trunks, MixMonitor recording and again no swapping.

    Probably, but good luck trying to find it 🙂