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I am still a little confused about how to activate MWI with PJSIP
on Asterisk 13.9.1. I use realtime for configuration. So far I have tried setting both the mailboxes field on ps_endpoints and the mailboxes field in ps_aors but I cannot get the indicator lamp to blink on any of my phones (Digium, Aastra and Yealink). I have tried just the number of the mailbox and also adding the context.

Any pointers?

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  • It should work with “mailboxes = @“. Are your phones set to subscribe for MWI or do they expect unsolicited NOTIFYs for MWI? If you set mailboxes on the endpoint, then you’ll be sending unsolicited NOTIFYs but if the phone does subscribe, the subscription request will still work. If specified on the aor, the phone MUST subscribe.
    “allow_subscribe = yes” must also be set on the endpoint for the subscribes to succeed.

    Can you tell if the NOTIFY messages are actually going out but maybe being ignored by the phones?

    Since you’re using realtime, did you do a “module reload res_pjsip” or restart asterisk after making the database changes? Just changing the fields in the database won’t trigger the MWI code to start sending unsolicited NOTIFYs.

  • Ok, if I go to the phone configuration and explicitly enable mwi subscription it works now (while using mailboxes in the aor). Obviously this is a bit of a pain because it means that I have to change all the phones configurations (ok, not a pain because of provisioning but I am lazy 😉 . All my pre Asterisk 13 installations just work without any specific mwi parameter on the phones and I was trying to reproduce that same behaviour. Up until Asterisk 11 all my phones blink when there is a VM waiting and since we moved to 13 and PJSIP that is the only thing we were missing.

    Thank you for the solution.

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  • Well, I wouldn’t call this a solution because you SHOULD be getting unsolicited MWI just by using mailboxes on the endpoint. Can you post a sample endpoint and aor config?