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I have a Asterisk set up. In this, I want to use queues.

Now I want to group “agents” into groups, such as so if one phone in a group is busy, the whole group is considered busy.








If there is three persons in queue, then, then, first, all 4 phones should ring. Now lets say Mom takes the call via the Mobile.

Now, for the next call in queue, only Dad and DadsMobile should ring. He picks up the call via the home phone.

Now, even if SIP/Mom and SIP/DadsMobile is vacant, both groups should be considered busy, and the third person in queue, has to wait in queue until either SIP/MomsMobile or SIP/Dad is complete with the call.

How can this be implemented? Can it be implemented with the standard Queue application through advanced dialplan programming or does it need something completely custom?

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