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Dear asterisk friends,

I like to use asterisk and to do authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) for it with freeradius. I looked for any documentation on the net, but could not find much useful and detailed information.

I have made a first shot with radiusclient-ng. I configured cdr.conf, cel.conf and radiusclient.conf. Execution of radexample gave a positive result. So at least for authentication, the setup of radiusclient.conf seems to work. However asterisk throws following error upon a phonecall:

[Jun 8 12:17:29] ERROR[101041]: cdr_radius.c:228 radius_log: Failed to record Radius CDR record!

The debug of freeradius does not show any activity.

Is it possible to combine asterisk and freeradius for AAA? If yes, is there any documentation available and can you point me to it? Can I debug the error message ERROR[101041] in more detail.

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  • Dear asterisk friends,

    I put the above question some days ago. So far, no answer. Can somebody help me out?