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I’m trying to use presence with PJSIP and I have a “issue”.

I created correctly hint priorities like:

exten => 1000,hint,PJSIP/1000
exten => 1001,hint,PJSIP/1001

Extension 1000 can subscribe extension 1001 y vice-versa. The problem is when the extension 1000 make or receive a call. In the softphone where the extension is present on buddy list, the extension appear go offline. When hang-up the extension return on-line.

On the Asterisk console the command core show hints show the correct state for the extension.

On my tests I used XLite, Bria and Jitsi.

Any hint?

Thank you


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  • This is what Asterisk sends when an endpoint is “InUse”:


    On the phone




    I can confirm that Bria shows offline but if the client is using the tuple status instead of the person status then I can see why.

  • Hello,

    thank you for the answer… how can I see the correct status?

    any configuration on asterisk or softphone side?


    El 07/06/2016 a las 16:36, George Joseph escribi

  • Hello,

    How can I know if is a BUG and report on Asterisk-Jira?

    Thank you


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  • Asterisk is sending the correct “ep:busy” status but the clients appear to not be using it. I’m not sure what else we can do on the Asterisk side.

  • I have seen the problem is with:

    Jitsi, XLite, Bria 3.X

    Grandstream Wave work correctly.

    I have to test with hardphone.


    El 09/06/2016 a las 01:11, George Joseph escribi