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I use realtime for my Asterisk configuration and are now making the transition to Asterisk 13 and PJSIP. I used alchemy to set up my databases and I can now configure my endpoints. While trying to configure a trunk I can see that there is a database table called ps_registrations that should be used to make the registration to the provider but there is no corresponding entry in the sorcery.conf file so the information is never read into Asterisk.

Why is this so? Why put the table there is you cannot use it
(along with the transport table I guess). Is there a way to activate it via sorcery.conf? What would that line look like because just putting something like “registration=realtime,ps_registrations” in the res_pjsip section prevents pjsip from loading.

I tried putting the registration section in the pjsip.conf file but I am getting an error back from the provider (Fatal response 403). I
think I am doing everything correctly but I do not know if it is failing because some of the configuration is in realtime and only the registration is in the text file.

Any advice? Is realtime ready for production use for PJSIP?

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  • Carlos Chavez wrote:

    What does it say? The code currently allows this, but you still need to issue reloads to update things (if you add/change/delete outbound registrations).

    This sounds like a configuration issue with the outbound registration or authentication.

    People seem to be using it. Due to some recent changes in how ODBC
    support works (we gave more responsibility to UnixODBC for things)
    though there have been some crashes and problems which are being investigated.

  • [res_pjsip_outbound_registration]

    This works for me.