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Dear gentlemen, how are you?
I wonder if anyone has experience with Avaya devices, 9608G and 9641GS
models, running on SIP and using TCP transport. The calls work well, but the callerid only “pass” number of the extension or external number, without the name (configured correctly in sip.conf and testing with other devices UDP works fine, like Yealink, Eyebeam, etc), device contacts list does not work and also the hint does not work …. can anybody help me?

Thank you very much!

Best Regards


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  • So if you use UDP transport everythng works fine?

    Can you post a packet capture of this happening? Also, what version of Asterisk and your sip.conf?

  • Dear Matt, nice to meet you!
    Thank you for your prompt response. The Avaya’s phone 9608 and 9641 don’t work in UDP, when status is just trying register, but not happen. So, with TCP they register correctly on Asterisk, version The calls works fine, but other features not, like hints, capture, moh, contact list, transfer, conference, etc. So I’m looking for more details or solution to this case, but I can’t. Below my sip.conf and sip debbug of 9608 peer, these informations help?
    One more time, thank you so much!

    The logs is here: http://pastebin.com/tnxVgeJT

    With Best Regards


    tcpenable=yes tcpbindaddr=
    transport=udp allowguest=no allowsubscribe=yes subscribecontext