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Hello all, I am trying to use the Filter action in AMI to make AMI less chatty by blacklisting some events; and I must be doing something wrong, because if I send something like:

Action: Filter ActionID: AID563116752-152218
Operation: Add Filter: !Event: VarSet*
Filter: !Event: ExtensionStatus*
Filter: !Event: NewAccountCode*
Filter: !Event: NewCallerid*
Filter: !Event: Newexten*
Filter: !Event: RTCPSent*

I still get plenty of:

Uniqueid: 1463577738.539
Extension: 201
Channel: SIP/200-000000a1
Context: from-internal Event: Newexten Application: Set Privilege: dialplan,all AppData: ADMINCODE
Priority: 1

I get them with or without the trailing *.

I am testing this on Asterisk 11 and 13, so I must be doing something wrong – but what? 🙂
Thanks l.

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  • D’oh moment – filters do work, but you can only set one at a time. By reading the docs, I mistakenly assumed that you could set many of them at once. Thanks l.

    2016-05-19 12:54 GMT+02:00 Lenz Emilitri :