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VoipRaider the site, says calls to landlines in Brazil is FREE within the freedays period. Log in to the website and hire the service, it says that I have 90 days of freedays paying for cheaper service is $
10.. That is from what I understand, I will pay 10 dolares for unlimited call in landlines for a period of 90 days? Is that it? Has anyone tested it there? How many simultaneously calls can possible for Asterisk?

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  • VoipRaider is a service from DELLMONT SARL.

    This company offers voip services under dozens of different domains
    (voipcheap, voipdiscount, onevoip,…)

    Search “Dellmont Sarl” in Google and read the user’s reviews. Personally, I would never send a penny to them…


  • I hope I’m not infringing any mailing list rule by recommending you to take a look to the following providers. I use them with my Asterisk, the rates are good and they allow multiple calls.



  • While it’s sometimes a grey area, discussion of commercial products and businesses properly belongs on the asterisk-biz list:


    While I know conversations tend to diverge sometimes, the asterisk-users list should be about using Asterisk, and not about promoting some third party service or software that may pertain to Asterisk.