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I am having a strange problem with Asterisk 13 on a CentOS 7
plataform. I have several servers running on this configuration but a particular installation on a Dell PowerEdge 220 server is the one giving me the most problems. All installations are automated via a script so there is no difference but the hardware. All dependencies are installed and there are no errors during installation. We use realtime mysql for our configurations.

The problem comes when Asterisk is started from init.d/asterisk.
Asterisk loads but phones will not register and the Asterisk CLI will not respond to commands. Something like “pjsip show endpoints” shows nothing and sometimes the CLI hangs. Asterisk itself is not crashing and if I open another terminal I can get into the CLI even though the other terminal is not responding. If I start Asterisk manually from the command line everything works as expected, phones register and calls flow.

I tried a systemd startup script someone published but I get the same result as the initd script. I wonder why I am only getting this problem on the Dell 220 server but not on other servers (even a Dell T20
server does not have the same problem). My office server is an HP ML110
and has been working with Asterisk 13 and CentOS 7 for over 6 months now with no issues. It uses the init.d script that comes with Asterisk and it has never hanged.

Anyone know if the PowerEdge 220 server has special issues with Linux or Asterisk in particular? How do you recommend starting Asterisk?

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