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I’m trying to compile asterisk 13.8.2+ on openSUSE Linux but it fails. It seems file ./main/ is present when it fails. Building 13.7.2 works without any problem. It fails since 13.8.0.

$ ./
$ ./configure
$ make menuselect.makeopts;menuselect/menuselect –enable chan_ooh323
$ make
.. failure (see message below)

Any hint is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Ciao, Michael.

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6 thoughts on - Cannot Find -lasteriskssl

  • Joshua Colp wrote:

    No. Build of 13.9.0-rc2 seems to work.

    When will 13.9.0 be released?

    Ciao, Michael.

  • Joshua Colp wrote:

    Ok, then I’ll wait for this release. Thanks.

    Ciao, Michael.

  • I ran into that (and reported it) and found the easiest hack is to copy the library manually into place, when you hit that error it’s built and waiting in main/
    For example

    sudo cp main/ /usr/lib cd /usr/lib sudo ln -s sudo ldconfig

    Then the build can complete. I can’t remember if I had to do the symlink, I
    think it will build anyway and then it does that step in ‘make install’

    I always try to build new asterisks on brand new vagrant virtual machines that have the minimum required packages installed, and no cruft left over from previous builds or installations. Things like this are more likely to show up that way.


  • Brian Wilson wrote:

    Actually I tried to update the openSUSE packages with the help of the openSUSE
    Build Service which always sets up a new VM for conducting a single build.

    Ciao, Michael.