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Hi, Trying to move traffic from one of our asterisk gateways using 11.21 to a newly installed using 13.8.0/13.9.0-rc1.

After half an hour with peers just registering and no calls the ‘core show taskprocessors’ shows between 4500 and 5000 processors.

the ones that there are a lot of is

subp:SIP/ 2 0 2

Doesn’t look right to me that there should be so many ‘hanging/waiting’

using CentOS 7 / and sippers are via odbc.

Initialy I had a lot of subm:… hanging and these processors would take 5 seconds to repond to a ping and jobs in their input queue would newer be finished. That problem did disappear when sippeers was updated with subscribemwi=’yes’.

Can someone give me a hint, I have installed a lot of asterisk systems but never stumpled upon this before.

b.r. Freddi

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