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At the moment I plan to migrate from asterisk 13.7 to 13.8. Because of relatively frequent updates I am building asterisk from a directory that is updated via git switch to the desired branch.

1. Will be updated pjproject patches with “git pull”?
2. Will update himself pjproject?
3. And what should be done to be sure that they are the most “fresh”?

4. What is the status of patches to pjproject? It is expected that they should eventually become part of pjproject (to be accepted by the maintainers)?


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  • Dmitriy Serov wrote:


    When a new release of pjproject is done it will be updated in Asterisk to pull it down. This change will then subsequently be in the next release, along with any changes required to compile against it.

    If you use the 13 branch then you will always have the latest supported by Asterisk. If you use the latest 13 release then you will have the latest when that release was created.

    Yes. Any patches are submitted upstream and if the next pjproject release has them then they are removed from Asterisk.