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Asterisk 13.8.0. Can anybody explain why I get two objects whenever I use ARI Push? (

Below is what I see using the auth push example from the wiki, but I get the same thing for endpoints and aors too.

root@vagrant-ubuntu-wily-64:~# asterisk -r -x “pjsip show auths”
No objects found.

root@vagrant-ubuntu-wily-64:~# curl -X PUT -H “Content-Type:
application/json” -u asterisk:asterisk -d ‘{“fields”: [ { “attribute”:
“auth_type”, “value”: “userpass”}, {“attribute”: “username”, “value”:
“alice”}, {“attribute”: “password”, “value”: “secret” } ] }’
“attribute”: “md5_cred”,
“value”: “”

root@vagrant-ubuntu-wily-64:~#asterisk -r -x “pjsip show auths”

Auth: alice/alice
Auth: alice/alice