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I’m currently evaluating if it would possible/not too difficult to build and maintain an automatic attendant application.

More precisely, my requirements are:
– must work with Asterisk
– should be installable on debian or CentOS
– works this way :
. caller is asked to tell the first and last names of the person he or she is after
. caller answers (with for instance, “John Doe”, “Doe John”, “Mr Doe”,
. application gets from Asterisk caller’s answer and replies to Asterisk with a code (more probably an extension number) identifying the extension to dial.

I’ve seen here and there ASR software compatible with Asterisk.

My questions are:
– should ASR software support caller’s language ?
– do ASR allow sysadmins to enter several phonetics per directory entry as some names can be pronounced differently by different speakers ?
– shall I use an ASR or full automatic attendant app, if such app exists ?
– suggestions ?

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