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Hi everyone!

I have a Digium Card TDM410

But, it appear for me this massege

chan_dahdi.c:8061 handle_alarms: Detected alarm on channel 3: Red Alarm

But my line is ok!

But sometimes it back

sig_analog.c:3807 analog_handle_init_event: Alarm cleared on channel 2

But it again back to red alarm.

What can be happen?

My lines is all ok! But when I put on Digium Card TDM410 is very inconsistent


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  • Honestly, I’ve only had red alarms on any of my cards if there was a problem with the lines or service over those lines. Maybe someone else could speak to other reasons the red light might appear.

  • Humm, if I put a filter in this lines, maybe back?

    2016-01-05 12:36 GMT-02:00, Ryan, Travis :

  • My line is comming from a monden ADSL that it provide internet too.

    2016-01-05 12:46 GMT-02:00, Ryan, Travis :

  • The red alarm on the analog cards, like the TDM410, appear when the card does not detect a sufficient battery voltage from the central office.

    Typically this will happen when the cable is disconnected from the card, there is something flaky in the connection with the central office, a filter is causing a voltage drop, etc..

    One thing to check is that the ‘opermode’ module parameter is set for the country that you’re in, if you’re not in the United States or Canada.

  • Oh, thanks very much Shaun,

    I’m from Brazil

    And about the voltage, how can I fix this red alarm?
    Em 05/01/2016 13:23, “Shaun Ruffell” escreveu: