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Good day Asterisk users, If this is the wrong place to post this, my apologies. However, I’m trying to see where I can get a patch for the module. I have an issue where if someone is placed on hold, or is placed in a queue, after any announcement is played in the queue, or if someone is put on hold, the call is resumed, then is put back on hold, if the same music is still playing, then that same music I have is started over from the beginning and doesn’t continue from where it left off. I saw somewhere, where you have to patch, or obtain, a newer version of I don’t seem to have a newer version of he above module, nor can I
obtain a newer version. I also canot get into the asterisk issue tracker, as it requires a client certificate for which I do not have. I’m running Asterisk; on Linux, CentOS 6.7 32-bit. Any help that can be provided would be appreciated.

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