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Hi everyone

We actually had alike problem:
– “user” of a system can have multiple SIP accounts (to be able to receive calls on several devices, I suppose he cannot use only one SIP
account, because there’s only one peer registered, in this case)
– to call that user and reach him with guarantee on ALL his devices
(because he might be AFK and only have one of his smartphones in the pocket, which might be sleeping and not registered at all) we’ve tried several approaches and and had to stick to repetitive “Dial / send pushes” loop

– because neither Dial nor Queue does not add newly registered devices at the course of a call

Would be nice if, say, I dial Alice&Bob&Clair, and Bob is offline (not registered), but gets push received on his iPhone, wakes up and registers BEFORE Alice or Clair have replied, Dial would begin with him too. But that is not the case, I believe

Queue is not a solution also, unfortunately, first of all because of heavy overweight (you have to create and destroy queues on-the-fly per each call, because if you create them in advance for every user, Asterisk turns into zombie – it has a HUGE performance impact). Also I
believe there were problems with dropping call on all the devices if it was cancelled by caller or dropped on one of the devices by callee.

FindMe would seem like a solution, but we did not actually use it because of having to press buttons to accept a call.

In short, so far I think there is a room for improvement because a case seems to be trivial, however, it’s implementation with Asterisk is anything but that.

Would be happy to know where I am wrong.. I am writing this off memory, so may be skipping something

Kirill Marchuk

06.11.2015 0:00, пишет: