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Hi All,

Not sure if this is the right mailing list since the dahdi-dev seems not really active, so I’ll try here.

I’m developing a new DAHDI driver for a custom board. In this card I’ve implemented the reading of the TDM slots by 2 DMA channels, TX and RX. Each DMA channel has its own callback that decompose the each slot into a per-channel linear buffer useful for calling the related dahdi_transmit()
and dahdi_receive() functions.

The question is, can I call the dahdi_transmit() from the TX DMA callback and the dahdi_receive() from the RX DMA callback or should use a particular order for them?

Looking at the DAHDI drivers it seems that the sequence is always: dahdi_ec_chunk() -> dahdi_receive()
and then dahdi_transmit().

Thanks in advance, Roberto Fichera.

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  • I don’t think it will be a problem to call them asynchronously. Depending on your signal, _dahdi_transmit() and _dahdi_recieve() can potentially do a lot of processing. They’re better suited in a bottom half than in interrupt context.