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So I am using PJSIP realtime with Asterisk 13. I set the qualify_frequency column AORS and it now shows the RTT in milliseconds in the console. I want to be able to display that in a webpage, and was hoping the RTT would be updated in one of the realtime tables, but I don’t see it. The old chan_sip had this available.

Any ideas?



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  • Unlike chan_sip, a single table isn’t used to store all the information related to the activities happening in the stack. In this case, the round trip time is associated with a ‘contact_status’ object, not the endpoint or AoR itself (as an AoR may have multiple contacts). Unlike other sorcery objects that typically represent configuration information, this is a dynamic object that Asterisk typically manages transparently for you; hence why it generally does not show up in configuration documentation. However, since this is a sorcery object, you can specify in sorcery.conf where you’d like that object to be persisted. Note that by default, it is persisted using the ‘memory’ wizard.