Will RFC4904 Ever Be Supported By Asterisk?

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Hi all,

So I haven’t been able to get TGID-based authentication to work with our BroadSoft/BroadWorks based provider.

The reason being that the Contact Header on outgoing INVITES can’t be altered. Both chan_sip and chan_pjsip seem to use the Contact Header for various other reasons.

So I’m wondering if this RFC is on any roadmap to be supported by Asterisk?

The specific section is:

6.1. User Agent Client Behavior

A User Agent Client (UAC) initiating a call that uses trunk groups

and supports this specification MUST include the trunk group

parameters in the Contact header URI (a Contact URI MUST be a sip or

sips URI; thus, what appears in the Contact header is a SIP

translation of the tel URI, complete with the trunk group