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I am planning to move Asterisk from physical server to a VM on a ESXi host.

VMware datastore / VM’s will be stored on the shared storage on the NAS
(NSF). I might get Synology NAS.

Do you store call live recording on the NAS? There would be around 60
concurrent calls recording at the same time and it may cause network bottleneck.

There will be other VM’s stored on the NAS like Windows Servers, Linux Servers, Database, etc.


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  • 60 concurrent alls sounds like a lot. I’d work with a RAM-disk and some post-processing to be safe. I have a low priority background task that moves finished sound files to a file server and converts them to mp3. The software that accesses the audio looks for both formats at both places. I think it is generally a good idea to handle file issues outside of Asterisk.


  • Hi,


    you can run a shell command that moves the file to its final location, after being written on ramdisk. This seems the simple way to do it