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Do polycom phones not LIKE using something other than port 5060 ???

I have five of them behind a firewall and my asterisk server is remote. Other devices are registering just fine, just not my polycom phones.

Today I notices that ONE registered, but it grabbed port 5060.

1004/1004 D Yes
Yes 55068
1006/1006 D Yes
Yes 55066
401/401 (Unspecified) D Yes
Yes 0
510/510 (Unspecified) D Yes
Yes 0
511/511 D Yes
Yes 5060
524/524 (Unspecified) D Yes
Yes 0
535/535 (Unspecified) D Yes
Yes 0
537/537 (Unspecified) D Yes
Yes 0

The 1XXX are non polycom phones and are working just fine. The other devices are polycom phones and only one is registering.

Each has this exact definition but unique to extension of course:

type=friend defaultnameR4
host=dynamic description=Polycom 0004f2323292

context=smvoice-sip rtptimeout`
qualify=no canreinvite=yes timezone=1
nat=force_rport,comedia disallow=all allow=g722
allow=ulaw allow=alaw

I am getting “401 unathorized” as the response going to the polycom phones
– then nothing back from the phone until the next registration attempt.

How do I either make the polycom ONLY use port 5060 or tell teh polycom its OK to use another port?

I tried takign off the force_rport and just leave comedia but that did not make a difference either.



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  • It sounds like you have problems with your firewall. Your 401 replies don’t reach the phones.

    > Jerry