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I have a problem with AMI ‘meetme list concise’ hanging. I’m running Asterisk 11.15.1, and PHPAGI 2.20.

The AMI stuff is in the file phpagi-asmanager.php, which says it is v 1.10

Here’s the relevant snippet of my PHP code:

// get list of conferences
if ($debug)
echo ‘getting list of conferences’ . PHP_EOL;
$response = $ami->command(“meetme list concise”);
if ($debug)
echo ‘got list of conferences’ . PHP_EOL;

I never get to ‘got.’

1) Is this the current / best version of the PHP AMI interface?

2) Is this a ‘known issue’ with either Asterisk 11.15.1 or PHPAGI 2.20?

3) Can I set some sort of timer to abort the AMI command if it takes longer that a second or two?

4) Is there a better ‘work-around?’

One thought on - AMI ‘meetme List Concise’ Hanging

  • I’m not aware of this issue in a recent version of Asterisk (where
    11.15.1 is relatively recent). It may be worth looking at the Asterisk logs to see if the command is returning. If so, then the issue may just be in the underlying PHP library.