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Hello! Thnxs for reading!
I’ve an IPLAN virtual PBX, that allows me to connect via zoiper or gigaset, for instance (and it works!)
Connection parameters are:

Authentication Name: Número 1199999999
Authentication password: 12345678
Username: 1199999999
Display name: 1199999999

Domain: Proxy serever address:
Proxy server port: 5060
Registrar server:
Registrar server port: 5060
Registration refresh time: 1800
Outbound proxy mode: Always Outbound proxy:
Outbound proxy port: 5060

Can I add a trunk to my asteriskNOW having only this parameters?
I’ve tested some configurations, but I can find the correct one Could you give me a clue or your point of view?
IPLAN tech support doesn’t help with asterisk, only with phone config

One of the configs I tested without success:

register =>

[myprovidername] outboundproxy=
type=friend fromuser=username defaultuser=username secret=password context=from-trunk

Thanks a lot Regards