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I need to set the number of incoming calls to one, but the outgoing calls should be unlimited. I think the busylevel parameter is for it(incoming calls), but not works. My config is:

cat sip.conf

qualify=yes cc_agent_policy=generic cc_monitor_policy=generic call-limit=2
callcounter=yes subscribecontext = hint allowsubscribe=yes

type=friend context

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  • Kia ora,

    The “busylevel” configuration option controls device state:

    ; If you set the busylevel, we will indicate busy when we have a number of calls that
    ; matches the busylevel treshold.

    That is, if the number of calls is equal to the busylevel then the state of the device is considered busy. It does not prevent calls from occurring.

    The “call-limit” configuration option is what prevents the calls, and it has no separation between inbound and outbound. You would have to use other constructs (such as group counting in the dialplan) to do it.


  • Hi Joshua

    Thanks for you explanation.

    I found another problem. When I reject call by group limit, the CCSS do not work, only if call limit on sip peers is set to 1. There is a way to using ccss when call limit is different to one?

    Thanks in advance.

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