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Hello, we have an issue where after a couple of days, a few random phones will lose registration. I don’t notice any particular pattern. Out of 200, only about 5-10 will be suffering at any given time and we won’t know until the user complains they are not receiving calls. “sip show peers” does not show the phone in the list. I see packets coming into the server, but asterisk is not responding. Rebooting the phone to signal another REGISTER, yields no results. It seems Asterisk simply ignores the packets. I don’t see anything in the logs that are relevant during the registration attempt. The only thing that seems to bring the phones instantly online (no matter how long they are in this state) is to run either ‘sip reload’ (not recommended) or ‘sip realtime prune peer XXXX’ and then ‘sip show peer XXXX
load’. This will bring the phone instantly back up and able to receive calls.

I never had this issue with flat files on the same server.

I noticed there was some other threads with similar traits but I don’t know if they are related. They were playing with the ignoreregexpire=yes parameter.

I have in the sip.conf file:

rtcachefriends=yes rtsavesysname=no rtupdate=no rtautoclear=no ignoreregexpire=yes

Running asterisk 11.12.1

A sample entry in the sippeers table: