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I current have done successfully with sip message over asterisk server , and additionally now I want to send the image between SIP using asterisk. Could any one share me how to config the asterisk for sending image from sip?

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  • I mean by sending image by using sip channel just like we can send text message and what about sending image file ?

  • Thyda,

    The term ‘image’ can be quite ambiguous in computing. For example you could be referring to a firmware image for a phone or you could be referring to some form of live video channel support. Or something else.

    Can you be more explicit as to exactly what you mean by ‘image file’ and/or what it is that you aim to achieve or what you want to see happen?


  • Hmm, most phones I’ve used wouldn’t have the capability of displaying a bitmap image due to only having minimal monochrome displays.

    What sort of end device do you perceive to display these images? Can you give links to any devices with support for such things?

    I’m assuming you mean only a still-photo image, not video image. Perhaps you could use a video channel for this and simply display only a still image instead? I do believe that Asterisk has video support, although I haven’t personally used it.

    Hope this helps.


  • If you are just abusing asterisk as a proxy for text/images, i guess you could send a base64 encoded image (as a SIP MESSAGE), and decode it on the other end? A weird thing to do really, but i dont know your needs.

    – Jeppe Den 25/08/15 kl. 06.23 skrev Pete Mundy:

  • I am pretty with asterisk, and i would thank for your reply. You mention that i could send a base 64 image with asterisk, so how could i config asterisk to support that?