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I’m trying to migrate from Asterisk 1.8 to Asterisk 13 and can’t figure this one out. I’m pretty sure the question has been already asked, but I failed to find a solution.

Can you modify CDR values in an h-extension?

My cdr.conf contains:


The diaplan contains a simple “h” extension

exten => h,1,NoOp(${CDR(userfield)})
exten => h,n,Set(CDR(userfield)=changed)
exten => h,n,NoOp(${CDR(userfield)})

In the same context I execute:
exten => 10,1,Set(CDR(userfield)=empty)
exten => 10,n,Dial(SIP/10)

The “h” extension outputs two lines with userfield set to “empty”. I
would expect the second one to be “changed”. It seems that I can read the CDR values, but I can’t change them. Is it a bug or a design thing?
Am I missing something?

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  • Unfortunately, no.

    Well… I’m not sure 🙂

    As the guy who signed himself up for the dubious honour of porting the CDR
    code to Asterisk 13 – and trying to figure out a consistent way to make it work – I err’d on the side of extreme caution. That is, if someone could make a mess of things, I should probably try to keep it from happening.

    A CDR can be finalized in a variety of ways:
    – Due to someone leaving a bridge
    – Due to a channel being hung up
    – Due to the CDR being forked

    Of those, modifying values is generally dangerous only in the “fork”
    scenario, as it may result in a CDR that a user ‘ended’ being modified. This is a concern when, as updating a value on a CDR walks the entire chain of CDRs, for all CDRs related to the channel:

    for (; (cdr = ao2_iterator_next(it_cdrs)); ao2_unlock(cdr), ao2_cleanup(cdr)) {
    for (it_cdr = cdr; it_cdr; it_cdr = it_cdr->next) {
    struct varshead *headp = NULL;

    if (it_cdr->fn_table == &finalized_state_fn_table) {
    if (!strcasecmp(channel_name, it_cdr->party_a.snapshot->name)) {
    headp = &it_cdr->party_a.variables;
    } else if (it_cdr->party_b.snapshot
    && !strcasecmp(channel_name, it_cdr->party_b.snapshot->name)) {
    headp = &it_cdr->party_b.variables;
    if (headp) {
    set_variable(headp, name, value);

    Currently, the fact that the CDR is in the finalized state is what prevents that value from being updated on CDRs that are effectively “closed.”

    Now, all of that being said: this is one of those cases where the current behaviour – which is handling an extreme edge case – feels worse than ignoring that edge case. It’s not like we let folks update “core” CDR
    values in any case, so you aren’t in any danger of changing the billsec on a forked CDR. The worst that happens is you update the userfield on forked
    & closed CDRs when you didn’t think it would update, in which case I
    suppose you could just use another field. Or read it first and append it from the dialplan.

    I’d be fine if you’d like to open an issue for it. If you have a patch ready that modifies the behaviour, feel free to post it for review on Gerrit as well [1].