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I have asterisk installed on CentOS with phpagi. Also I have PRI card connect to it. it’s possible to show the sip number when calling from sip number to external number thru the PRI, instead of showing the PRI number show the SIP number ?


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  • It is possible.

    Are your SIP numbers from the same carrier as your PRI trunks? Some carriers will not let you present a calling number that’s not on your account (to prevent “spoofing”).


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  • Don,

    My sip number from my local ippbx system. Not from the carrier.



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  • Thank you for your reply. Can you please guide me how to spoof the number in outbound call. To number in my chose.



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  • I don’t know any telco or national law that would allow setting arbitrary numbers. You might have been assigned a certain number rage, and you could pick any from that range. If you set a number that does not belong to your range, the telco will typically substitute it with a standard number. Let’s say you’ve got 100 numbers, e.g. 1234-0 to 1234-99, then anything out of that range, e.g. 77777777, is likely to show up as 1234-0 on the callee’s phone.

    Having said that you also need to coordinate your efforts with your telco. You need to check several transmitting and switching facilities, like CLIP, CLIR, COLP, COLR, possibly CNIP. CLIP
    and COLP comes with different flavors. I’d say that the details are outside of what can be handled here.


  • As JG mentioned there are several legal and technical reasons why this question would be a problem. Legally many countries have mandated that you can not spoof or assign an incorrect CLID.

    On the other hand, I have run into several carriers that will block calls that are not from the assigned block of DIDs. So using JG’s example if you send anything but one of the assigned numbers from the range of 1234-0 to
    1234-99 they will block the call. This can be because it is the wrong length, format, or not in your assigned range.