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Any particular reason CentOS 7 repos aren’t available?

I’m finding integration issues with CentOS 6’s ancient versions of MySQL
and PHP with third party applications.

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  • You might have o upgrade MySQL and PHP outside of the CentOS distribution. I have CentOS 6 with MySQL 5.1.73 and PHP 5.3.3 with FreePBX 2.11.


  • I really prefer to keep to the repos. It’s a numbers thing:

    ) I don’t want to spend the time (aka $$$) to track patches to packages.

    ) I don’t want to be ‘different.’ I want to run the same versions as others so I don’t get to discover and resolve incompatibilities all by myself.

    CentOS 7 was released over a year ago. Seems overdue to me.

  • I absolutely agree with your reasoning but sometimes the realities of using open source means that some of the money that you save on licensing has to be spent on support or worse (pioneering).

    If you use PHP and MySQL from a repo, Yum will track and install updates. https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/repo/yum/

    I am not sure how you can be sure to match up with others since everyone has their own tolerance to change and will often let a sleeping dog lie until it bites them. Your CentOS 6 (or 7) will have much more up to date versions of MySQL
    and PHP that mine since mine was running in a stable configuration of OS, PHP and database over a year ago.

    I only discovered the MySQL and PHP repos after I had a stable Asterisk
    (which has not bit bitten me yet) so I have only used these on CentOS 7
    for other servers not related to Asterisk.

    I hope that this helps.