CentOS 6.5 Asterisk – Starts In Rc.local, But Not Contactible?

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Hi list

I’m trying to get Asterisk to start automatically when my CentOS
6.5 box boots.

I’ve done this many times before, but for some reason, on this box and hardware (older Core i3 system, 4GB RAM) I cannot get Asterisk to be contactible after boot.

E. g. in rc.local I have, as the last line

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  • Depending on the hardware you are using, simply calling asterisk might not be enough, as there could be dependencies on third party drivers. Depending on how asterisk was installed, one probably also has to look at various permissions. For example, asterisk -r might fail simply because you are calling it from an account with insufficient rights. It’s difficult to tell given your information.

    Just recently, I was caught by a user inflicted problem and spent some time evaluating SIP

    Maybe the following will help. If you look into the contrib/init.d directory (inside the src tree) you’ll find the rc.redhat.asterisk script. Rename it and put it into the /etc/init.d directory and issue “chkconfig –add asterisk” as well as “chkconfig asterisk on” and your problem should be solved. You can check the current settings with “chkconfig –list asterisk”. The Redhat script works nicely under CentOS.


  • Hi JG

    Thanks for replying.

    be enough, as there installed, one might fail simply difficult to tell

    directory (inside the src the /etc/init.d asterisk on” and your
    “chkconfig –list asterisk”.

    Hmm ok – I made sure to run

    make config

    in the Asterisk source folder which installed the correct scripts into rc.d and so forth.

    I then did

    chkconfig asterisk on

    and rebooted the box.

    The parameters remain the same, asterisk is there if you do a ps -aux | grep asterisk but it still is in a non-working state and not contacible via asterisk -r.

    Since it is an old box and the reason for trying to get it going is mostly academic, I think I’m just going to dump the box and reformat it with CentOS

    Strange though, I have installed about 17 other boxes exactly this way on broadly the same hardware and all are currently running fine with CentOS 6.5
    and Asterisk

    Thanks anyway, the problem is clearly deeper than I though since even the
    “official” way you detail above fails to start Asterisk as an account that can start it on system boot.

    Even when root is the only account on the machine – which leads me to believe I have some basic error in my CentOS 6.5 installation so I’ll just try it again or try CentOS 7.

    Thanks a lot.

    Kind regards


  • Okey-dokey. What happens when you start asterisk with “asterisk -c” from a root account?