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I would like to see how can we config the asterisk to enable calling to multiple SIP number at the same time?


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  • If you want to have a number that will call several phones when dialled, you can do it in the Dial() command. The following example refers to an office where the numbers are in the range 201 – 208. You can call any staff member by dialling their extenson number; or if you just want someone, anyone from that office, you can ring all available extensions in the office by dialling 200. The office manager has a company-issued mobile phone, for when she is away from her desk; we want this to ring whenever her desk phone is called, but *not* from a call to 200, since the latter case — a call to “any available member of technical staff” — is likely to be a call for help, and we want someone who is able to attend.

    We also have a direct line to the manager’s mobile on 209.


    ; 201 is B building technical office manager exten => 201,1,NoOp(Call to 201)
    ; call her desk (via SIP) and her company mobile (via GSM card)
    ; NB: timeout here *must* be shorter than the mobile company’s voicemail
    ; timeout — otherwise this, and not our voicemail, will always answer the
    ; call. Which is not what we want. exten => 201,n,Dial(SIP/201&${GSM}/${LOZ_MOBE},30)
    ; this step will never be executed, if the call was answered exten => 201,n,VoiceMail(201,u)
    exten => 201,n,Hangup()

    ; 202 to 208 are the rest of phones in tech office in B Building exten => 20[2-8],1,NoOp(internal call to ${EXTEN})
    exten => 20[2-8],n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN},60)
    exten => 20[2-8],n,VoiceMail(${EXTEN},u)
    exten => 20[2-8],n,Hangup()

    ; 209 calls the tech office manager’s mobile exten => 209,1,NoOp(call to tech office manager)
    exten => 209,n,Dial(${GSM}/${LOZ_MOBE},60)
    exten => 209,n,VoiceMail(201,u)
    exten => 209,n,Hangup()

    ; 200 calls *all* phones in B Building tech office exten => 200,1,NoOp(internal call to 200)
    ; Mark this call as special exten => 200,n,Set(CALLERID(name)=SUPPORT CALL)
    ; Don’t bother calling Lauren’s mobile; if she is not in the office,she probably
    ; can’t do much anyway exten =>
    ; if nobody answered within a minute, divert back to Lauren’s answerphone exten => 200,n,VoiceMail(201,u)
    exten => 200,n,Hangup()