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Hi list

I’m running MariaDB with Asterisk over ODBC for CEL and CDR

CDRs work fine, times logged in the DB are correct consistently.

However, I’ve noticed that for CELs eventtimes start lagging severely.

E. g. I’d start Asterisk at 12:15 and entries made into CEL and CDR
immediately as users start phoning away have the correct times in the relevant fields.

However, as time passes CELs start lagging behind. E. g. at 12:30 real-time, CDRs still log as 12:30, but by now CELs have lagged behind and are showing
12:24 (for example) for -current- entries which should be in the 12:30

The longer the Asterisk stays up, the larger the lag, e. g. afer an hour CDRs still log correct at current time, but CELs have drifted almost 30
minutes back… e. g. real-world time on the Asterisk’s clock is 14:00, CDRs log as 14:00 but CEL log “as if” it is 12:40.

Anybody encountered this before – how can I stop CEL “time drift”?

Thank you,