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Hi list!

I need a change on my Voicemail configuration, but I can’t experiment
now, since the system is in use…

I have some voicemail. The system has to send an E-Mail (with the WAV
attached) to an address AND another E-Mail, without the WAV to another

I found the option “attach=no”, but I’m not sure how can I use it…

Am I right, if I just write so:

00493511111111 => SECRET,John Doe,,attach=no|

so that receive the E-Mail WITH the attachment and not?

As I said, I can’t just try…

Thanks Luca Bertoncello

2 thoughts on - Sending E-Mail From Voicemail

  • Deliver your voicemail to two boxes, One set to email the attached file and other set not to attach.

    exten => 700,1,Voicemail(701@users&702&users,u)

    701 => 1234,Hello There,,,attach=no
    702 => 1234,Hi Hi,,,attach=yes|delete=yes