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Hi list!

I’d like to save all information about calls (CDR) in a MySQL-Database. I created the DB and a user for Asterisk on a separate server, then I
configured my cdr_mysql.conf so:

dbname=asterisk table

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  • Luca Bertoncello wrote:
    Been doing this with MySql for the last 10 years, though not on an openWrt machine MySql is on the Asterisk machine. Also have additional database tables to block by callerId and name Did have some issues with the dialplan syntax when moving from 1.4 to 11, but it just works I assume OpenWRT is a pre compiled Asterisk package?
    You may not have the proper configuration to use MySql Your error message(s) seem to say it expects to find the MySql server on “localhost” but you say it is on a different machine!!
    perhaps you need to fix that first?

    John Novack

  • John Novack schrieb:

    I think, the team of OpenWRT did NOT prepare the CDR-MySQL-Module, since I
    could not find… I “resolved” writing the data in a CSV, and then importing the data in the MySQL-DB with a script…

    Thanks Luca Bertoncello