Asterisk 13.4.0 – Mixmonitor Only Records One Side’s Perspective

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Hi All

I have a problem with mixmonitor in 13.4.0 doing the following:

1. Caller phones in

2. Reception picks up

3. Talks to caller

4. Does attended transfer, talks to manager to screen the caller wanting to speak to him

5. Complete the transfer by putting down her handset so the caller can speak to the manager

6. Caller talks to the manager

The problem is that mixmonitor only records steps (3) and (6) – for step (4)
in the recording file, you hear the MOH the outside caller hears while the receptionist is screeing the call.

We want to record the -entire- conversation, including the receptionist screening with the manager.

E. g. you literally only hear the perspective of the originator of the call
– you never hear the receptionist -> manager leg of the call if a transfer occurs during a call.

Here’s how an incoming call is handled – on 1.8 the below code recorded the entire conversation flawlessly, including the screening conversation of reception -> manager