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I built an LXC container with an “image” of asterisk 11.18 precompiled and installed. It runs fine on the dev platform, which is a Dell R320
running Ubuntu 14.04LTS. I shutdown the container, tarred it up, and untarred on a Dell PE1850, also running Ubuntu 14.04LTS. The container itself is Ubuntu 14.04LTS. Both platforms as far as I know are amd64.

The container boots fine on the 1850, but trying to run asterisk segfaults. The source tree was still in the container, so I just did a make clean; make; make install. It now runs fine.

Is there some compile flag I could use to make sure it is more
“compatible” as I copy the container around? Can anyone suggest a debug sequence that would at least narrow down what is causing the fault?



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  • Try turning off BUILD_NATIVE in menuselect. This will eliminate optimizations for the processor you last compiled on, which prevents crashes due to instructions not present on a different processor. This is frequently necessary when using in virtual environments.

    In cli form: # menuselect/menuselect –disable BUILD_NATIVE